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Family Business Skills Academy

Are you part of Suffolk's Care Leavers community?

Do you want to become a Care Leader in your future?

This could be the course for you!

Feeling uncertain about your path after leaving care? Let us guide you towards a brighter future with our 'Family Business Scheme'.

Sign up for our Family Business course at the Skills Academy and embark on a hands-on experience meticulously crafted to shape the skills of care leavers, preparing them for the challenges that lie ahead. Our dynamic sessions cover a range of activities, from team building events to empowering employability sessions, providing practical insights and guidance facilitated by experienced mentors within the family business realm. This programme is specifically tailored for care leavers, serving as a crucial stepping stone to navigate their way into a variety of work environments and preparing participants for the next phase of their professional journey.

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If you're aged 16-24 and not currently in school or employed, this course is ideal for you.


 517 London Rd,




We run courses throughout the year. Register your interest in the form below and we will be in touch.

What's the benefits of our Family Business Skills Academy course?

Choosing our Family Business Scheme comes with a myriad of benefits as you delve into a skill-enhancing journey. This programme adopts a hands-on approach, offering participants the chance to engage in diverse activities and acquire practical insights from experienced facilitators within the family business arena. It serves as an opportunity to not only build confidence but also to discover personal interests and get ready for the unique challenges of the work environment. Our Family Business Course ensures a supportive environment to guide care leavers towards a more confident and informed start in their professional journey.

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