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Learning in the Lofty Heights Skills Academy in Ipswich

About the
Lofty Heights
Skills Academy 

About the Skills Academy

After more than 10 years supporting vulnerable people in Suffolk, Lofty Heights is proud to launch its Skills Academy to help even more young people gain the skills, experience and confidence to shape their futures.


Through a wide range of offerings, including vocational training, experiential learning, guidance on career progression, and apprenticeship pathways, the Skills Academy aims to prepare and empower young people to excel in the job market and beyond.

About Lofty Heights

Lofty Heights CIC is a social enterprise that supports vulnerable people across Suffolk. As a not-for-profit organisation we reinvest any profit back into the organisation to further our social aims. These aims include making homes safer, improving wellbeing, and adding social value by training and employing young people with a NEET background

Skills Academy Team

Our team is a passionate and dedicated group of professionals committed to empowering young individuals to reach their full potential. With extensive expertise in various fields, they provide personalised coaching, mentoring, training and support, ensuring that each participant receives the guidance they need to excel in their chosen path.

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