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 Youth Work Academy

Ready to take charge of your future: Charting new avenues in youth work

Exploring your Pathways: Unleash your potential in our Youth Work Academy

Begin a transformative journey with the Youth Work Academy, where our commitment lies in empowering individuals to venture into the world of youth work with confidence and proficiency. Our course is designed to provide practical skills, employment insights, and essential training. From health and safety to Safeguarding and trauma-informed training, we cover the fundamentals needed for a successful career in youth work. Collaborating with experienced professionals, we offer engaging sessions that provide a taste of various aspects of youth work. At the Youth Work Academy, our mission is to eliminate barriers and pave the way for diverse opportunities, guiding participants towards impactful and successful futures within the youth work sector.



If you are 16-60 and an inspiring youth work practitioner, then this course is perfect for you. 


517 London Road,




We run courses throughout the year. Register your interest in the form below and we will be in touch.

Why choose this Academy?

The career landscape for aspiring youth workers is brimming with possibilities, and at the Youth Work Academy, we're committed to guiding you through those opportunities. Our programmes not only provide you with essential skills and knowledge but also unlock diverse career paths in the field of youth work. From immersive learning experiences to avenues for professional growth, we urge you to embrace your potential in a nurturing environment. The fulfillment of mastering crucial skills and the potential for gratifying contributions to society are all within your grasp. Moreover, with the appropriate guidance, you may even carve a path towards the youth work sector.


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Our employability sessions - 3 month wrap around support

For those who have participated in our previous courses, the Employability Sessions every Thursday offer an invaluable opportunity to further enhance your skill set and elevate your career
prospects. These sessions focus on refining your CV, mastering job search strategies, and honing crucial interview skills. Explore tailored modules on communication, customer service, and anxiety management.


Additionally, access resources for volunteering and work experience, preparing you for diverse career paths and future training.


Not the right course for you?

We have a wide range of free Skills Academies to match your interests and skills. 

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